Green River, Wyoming

White Mountain Road Dispersed Camping

September 19, 2020

As you can see from the banner photo above, the journey to Green River took us away from the lovely foliage of eastern Idaho and out onto the (noticeably treeless) high plains of southwestern Wyoming. However, we weren’t destined be out on the prairie for long, as we were only staying in the area for one evening before continuing down towards the Colorado Rockies on our way back to Denver.

Because our stay was so brief, we decided to change things up a bit and boondock for the first time in our new home. If you haven’t read our first post about our trial run in the Cruise America camper and are not familiar with RVer lingo, “boondocking” means to camp out for free on public lands – but without any water/electric/sewer hookups. Although boondocking is a much purer form of “camping” than our usual stays at RV parks, it isn’t usually a viable option given our connectivity and electrical requirements. Considering this, it was nice to really get “out there” for a change.

After scouring the selection of campsites in the area on Campendium and Google Maps, we settled on the White Mountain Road dispersed camping area located on top of a mountain just north of I-80 overlooking the small city of Green River, Wyoming.

The reviews for this area were outstanding and it (largely) lived up to the hype – hell, just look at that view from our campsite! Unfortunately, one of winter’s first few cold spells coincided with our stay on White Mountain, preventing us from doing any real exploring and forcing us to stay inside and get caught up on some movies (finally got around to seeing Sicario).

Although we were just there long enough for a cup of coffee, we still give White Mountain our seal of approval to any RVers traveling along I-80 who are in the market for a quick spot to camp for the evening. Expect to get the rig a little muddy on your way up the dirt road to the camping area, but if you can get past that, the views are worth the price of admission (or lack thereof)!