Denver, Colorado

Chatfield State Park

September 25, 2020

We couldn’t believe that we were already back in Denver. It felt like we were just getting started, but somehow, this stop at Chatfield State Park on the southwest corner of the Denver metro marked our 19th campsite after nearly three months out on the road.

Sadly, we would only be back in the city for a couple nights, but we made sure to get our money’s worth. Our first activity in our jam-packed weekend came on the evening of our arrival – a wedding about 45 minutes south in beautiful Palmer Lake, Colorado.

However, before we could get there or even begin getting dolled up, we had to find a water source as we did not realize upon booking that our campsite was only equipped with electrical hookups. After a brief drive around the campground, we located a communal water spigot that was close enough for us to reach with the hose and fill up the fresh tank. Upon securing our water source for the weekend, we briskly changed into our Sunday best before hitting the road once more.

We were so glad that we were able to make it back for Katie and Keith’s wedding. The whole evening was lovely – the ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was a great time.

The simple act of socializing was a breath of fresh air in the Covid era, and it felt wonderful to cut a rug out on the dance floor!

The next day, while not as busy as the day before, was still jam packed with activities. Primary among them was Sam’s big acquisition – she said yes to the dress! In an impressive display of decision making, Sam was able to decide on her wedding dress after just a couple hours of deliberation. Here she is commemorating the big event!

While Sam was off dress shopping, I had the good fortune to host my buddy Pat at the trailer for a fun afternoon of catching up and watching football. In a stroke of good luck, Pat text me out of the blue that he would be visiting Denver the same weekend we were in town. Like the well-trained boys we are, we made sure to take pictures After all, if you don’t have pics, it basically didn’t happen.

If you think the fun stopped there, boy do I have news for you! Later that evening, we were treated to even more visitors, this time our friends Haley & Dave, Cait, and Kelsey. This was easily the largest gathering hosted in the trailer through this point in our travels, but thanks to the campground-provided picnic table, we had plenty of seating. We were even able to fit everyone inside (when we still had the dinette) to watch the end of the primetime football games. Once again, after relatively little social interaction for the past few months, it felt great to gather friends together, if just for a casual evening. (We don’t have any pictures, but I swear it happened!)

Our bodies may have been tired, but our souls were refilled after our whirlwind Denver reunion. We wished that we could have stayed longer, but the road beckoned. The next leg on our journey saw us retracing our steps back west along I-70 into the mountains – this time to beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado.