Telluride, Colorado

Telluride Town Park

October 10, 2020

We were finally going to Telluride! This charming ski town had been on our bucket list even before we moved out to Colorado. However, due to the long drive from Denver, we never quite got around to visiting – until now.

We initially wanted to stay in Telluride for a full week, but sadly, there were no full-hookup RV parks in the area due to the town’s restrictive zoning laws (damn NIMBYs) which meant we would have to cut our visit short. Fortunately, we were able to secure a campsite for Saturday night at the basic, but beautiful campground within the Telluride Town Park – the only campground in the area big enough to accommodate our trailer.

Although it lacked in amenities, this campground made up for it in scenery. The fall colors were just perfect and the babbling stream which ran right behind our campsite only supplemented the autumn ambiance.

We arrived just in time to catch the end of the OU-Texas game on the laptop (since we didn’t have electrical hookups) – or so we thought. The game went into four friccin overtimes! Eventually, the Sooners were able to pull out the win and we were finally free to explore the town. (I don’t know why I get so invested, the Sooners only generate two emotions within me anymore – relief when they win and disappointment when they lose.)

First things first, we needed a drink after that crazy game. After checking out all our options, we eventually found a cool little cantina with an outdoor seating area which provided a lovely backdrop while we enjoyed our libations.

We putz’d around downtown for a bit longer before heading back towards the campground via the scenic route through the rest of the Telluride Town Park. This place was so darn pretty (as you can see in the banner picture, above). It was evident that the town took great pride in the park and dedicated plenty of resources towards maintaining it.

Since we were only in Telluride for a limited amount of time, we opted to get up and around early the next morning to do some last-minute touring. The most notable activity on this last day in Telluride was our ride on the gondola – which we were pleasantly surprised to learn was owned by the city, and thus, free of charge.

The lift took us up and over the peak to nearby Mountain Village, basically a smaller enclave of Telluride up in the mountains. Since we had places to be, we didn’t do much exploring, but we did get out long enough to snap a few pictures of lovely Telluride down below.

Although we weren’t there long, Telluride definitely left an impression on us during our short visit. We’re not sure when it will happen or what mode of transportation we’ll be in, but mark our words, Telluride – we will be back!