Moab, Utah (Round Two + Monument Valley)

Canyonlands RV Resort

March 7, 2021

When it comes to the most scenic drives along our journey, the trip from Page, Arizona to Moab, Utah takes the cake – hands down. The obvious landmark that defined this drive was Monument Valley, but the crazy thing is, I think this drive would still be the top dog even without going through this world-famous valley. Every turn had something new to behold with some of the most unique rock formations that we have ever laid eyes on. Navajoland is just that cool, y’all. I’m serious, you gotta get out here!

After driving through the heart of Monument Valley, we thought that we had seen it all, however, that was until we made it to the area that has come to be known as “Forrest Gump Point.” Sam had been searching for the perfect “road pic” for years and she had finally found the ideal location!

Although it’s hard to compete with Monument Valley, the rest of the trip to Moab still managed to be pretty damn cool in its own right. If you are a long-time reader, you will recognize the name as Moab was just the third stop along our initial journey as full-timers in July of 2020. In fact, we loved Moab so much that we had to come back a second time.

However, we opted to change up campgrounds this time around and decided to go with Canyonlands RV Resort as it was the closest RV park to downtown Moab. This turned out to be a perfectly adequate little campground, but it was nothing to write home about. If we ever make it back out to Moab, we will probably end up trying somewhere new – Lord knows that there are plenty of options to choose from out there.

We had been spoiled by the beautiful weather while down in Arizona and Southern California for the previous month, and it was initially looking like the warm temperatures were going to follow us into Utah. That was until things suddenly took a turn for the worse. Not only did the clouds roll in, but they brought snow with them – boo!

Although we weren’t exactly pleased with this development, we had big plans for this trip to Moab and we were not about to let a few snowflakes get in our way of having a good time. If you know Sam, you’ll likely know that she has a bit of a Jeep obsession, so we couldn’t let another trip to Moab come and go without partaking in one of the area’s most popular activities – 4x4 off-roading!

This ended up being such a good decision, we had the best time out there and I don’t think I have ever seen Sam smile so much in a single day (she absolutely loved that they gave us a bright yellow one). Although the weather was a little gross the whole time, we never felt too cold thanks to our Jeep’s heated seats and heated steering wheel – so fancy! Regarding our location, we basically spent the entire morning exploring the very northern tip of Canyonlands National Park before making our way over to Arches National Park after lunch.

If you can’t tell, we are huge fans of Moab (the big smiles give it away), and we will definitely be coming back here sometime soon. When we do eventually make our way back to the area, we will have to go off-roading again. The 4X4 trails are seemingly endless and I think that it would take us a lifetime to explore them all!