Charleston, South Carolina

Mount Pleasant / Charleston KOA

September 19, 2021

After a whirlwind 24 hours in Charlotte (for Sam, at least) we were moving on once again, this time about 200 miles south towards Charleston, South Carolina.

Once we arrived in the area, we made our way to the east side of the metro and into our campground for the week, the Mount Pleasant / Charleston KOA. After more than a year on the road, we have really come to appreciate a good KOA from time to time. They are just so damn reliable – friendly staff, large sites, plenty of amenities, the list goes on. And this location was no different. Although our site didn’t have sewer hookups, we can’t really think of much else to complain about. We had a blast simply walking around this beautiful property which consisted of two large ponds (almost small lakes) and a fun little network of hiking trails.

The ponds also attracted a few other non-human visitors to the park, which Charlotte was keen to keep an eye on and make sure they didn’t get too close to the camper!

Unfortunately, it rained quite heavily for our first few days in the area, which kept us cooped up more than we would have liked. But thankfully, the weather cleared up later in the week which allowed us to do a little exploring and, naturally, our first destination was the beach!

It’s always a little difficult to pry Sam away from work, but I was able to get her to quit a little early one day during the week so that we could head on over to the nearby Isle of Palms Beach so that we could hang in the sun for a bit.

Fun fact: this was our first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean during our travels in the trailer!

Our only other notable excursion during our time in the Charleston area was a trip over to the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market after work one day. We have made a concerted effort to source more of our foods from local farmers markets in recent months and this turned out to be a successful trip as we were able to grab some eggs, meat, fruits, and veggies!

Before we knew it, our time in Charleston was up and we were due to continue our trip south towards historic Savannah, Georgia. Sadly, we were not able to explore Charleston nearly as much as we would have liked given the nasty weather and our relatively far proximity from the touristy areas downtown. But, as Sam says, this just means that we will have to come again!