Atlanta, Georgia

Shady Grove Campground

October 9, 2021

In a rare changeup of roles, Sam volunteered to take control of the wheel for our drive from Augusta to Atlanta since I was busy watching the OU-Texas game on my phone – which turned out to be another classic Red River Shootout with the Sooners coming out on top!

The first three quarters of this 3-hour drive was mostly uneventful as we were just cruising westward along I-20. However, things got hectic when we hit the Atlanta metro with traffic, construction, and crazy drivers, but thankfully we were only on I-285 for about 30 minutes before getting off and heading north towards our campground which was about 40 miles north of Atlanta proper.

The Shady Grove Campground was yet another Army Corps of Engineers Park, which meant big, spaced-out spots along a body of water (Lake Lanier), but only water and electrical hookups. Much like the previous COE campgrounds that we have stayed at, this was another good one, with great views, friendly staff, and plenty of fun areas to explore.

Once again, it was another quite week mostly spent just hanging around the campground. But that isn’t to say it wasn’t enjoyable, these “boring” weeks tend to be some of our favorites – especially if we’re in a cool spot like this one. When we weren’t hanging out by the water in the hammock or fishing (unsuccessfully, I’m not very good at this fishing thing) we were biking around the campground, exploring the nearby coves in the kayak, or just chilling on the beach.

I recognize that this isn’t exactly the most riveting reading material in the world, but as my mom says, “no news tends to be good news” and this sentiment rings true for not only this stop, but several of our other fall camping spots throughout the South – we were slowing things down and simply enjoying ourselves on this leg of our journey. I can’t promise that the next post (Guntersville, AL) will be much more exciting, but I do know that it will have some pretty pics! Stay tuned.