Waco, Texas

North Crest RV Park

December 31, 2021

Long time, no see! I’ve been slacking on my blogging, but I’m determined to get the rest of our travels documented. Let’s get back into it!

After a long, refreshing stay in Oklahoma for the holidays we were ready to get back on the road and make our way south for winter. The first stop on our southern journey was a single night stay in Waco to break up the long trip down to New Orleans. Now, if you are familiar with the area, you’ll know that Waco isn’t exactly “on the way” to New Orleans, however, if you are also familiar with women, you will know exactly why we had to make the pilgrimage to Waco – the Silos, of course!

The Silos (formally known as Magnolia Market) is the brainchild of Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame and is basically the “Modern Farmhouse” Mecca – a meticulously thought-out combination of white, gold, and cast iron (with a healthy dose of bistro lights).

We enjoyed our time at Magnolia Market, however, it is definitely a one-day activity (at most), and probably not worth going out of your way if you aren’t already passing through Waco (or “Wacko”, as my college friends from Texas colloquially referred to it).

When we weren’t at the Silos, we were at our campground, the North Crest RV Park, which turned out to be a perfectly serviceable commuter park – nothing special, but it made for an easy one-night stop and the staff was quite accommodating.

It also made for a nice quiet spot to watch Michigan make their first appearance in the CFP after finally breaking through against Ohio State and claiming a Big Ten title! Unfortunately, the Wolverines were up against the eventual champs in Georgia, and let’s just say that the game didn’t go as Sam would have liked. But life goes on, and thankfully it was New Year’s Eve – which provided Sam a great excuse to drink away her sorrows (and I had to drink as well in order to provide emotional support, of course).

It’s funny just how different Sam’s expectations were for this trip to Waco compared to mine. In her mind, Waco was a wonderful place full of modern farmhouses and bistro-light covered patios where brunch was served every hour of the day. Whereas, when I thought of Waco my mind went right to gruesome lynchings and the government murdering dozens of innocent civilians. Overall, it was somewhere in the middle – not idyllic, but not hellish either. 2 stars!

Tune in for the next installment of Putz’n Around when we finish our trip down to New Orleans and continue our escape away from Old Man Winter!