Titusville, Florida

Indian River RV Park + Titusville KOA

February 12, 2022

After our short trip through central Florida, it was time to make our way to the Atlantic side of the state, this time to Titusville, famous for its proximity to the world-renowned Kennedy Space Center (more on that later).

Getting to Titusville and the Indian River RV Park (the first of our two RV parks in the area) was a largely forgettable three-hour trip north, mostly along I-95. Once we arrived, it turned out to be another brutal back in due to the tight quarters within the park but thankfully I’m a pro at backing in at this point! 😉

Indian River RV Park was a perfectly serviceable RV park. Although we were packed in there and it was a little expensive for our taste, the location was great (downtown Titusville) and our neighbors/park management couldn’t have been nicer.

Naturally, our first activity in the area was a trip out to the Kennedy Space Center as it was a mere 15 minutes away. We went out there with high expectations, but they were quickly dashed when we learned that the center still had a mask mandate (nearly two years after the initial scare) which was enforced with the rigor of a North Korean forced labor camp. This trip basically ended up being $100+ right down the drain, but we were able to snap some pics before calling it quits

We were able to salvage the day somewhat by heading over to a nearby park and doing some sunbathing next to the water. However, the real highlight of our stay in Titusville came the next day when we ventured out onto the water via our kayak out on the Indian River delta – exploring the mangroves where the Indian River meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Due to availability issues, we were forced to move over to the Titusville KOA for our last two remaining nights in the area. As I’ve said dozens of times by now, you know what you’re getting with a KOA and this one was no different – good service, nice amenities, and friendly neighbors, but at a cost.

Honestly, I don’t really remember much else about our time in the area. This is a pretty sleepy part of Florida, so we ended up spending most of our time just hanging out around the park and enjoying some of that nice Florida February weather!