Heyburn, Idaho

Heyburn Riverside RV Park

July 28, 2020

Our initial trek into Idaho was a brief trip straight up I-84 to Heyburn, a small town along the banks of the Snake River.

The campsite during our short stay in Heyburn was the Riverside RV Park, which as the name suggests, was about a rock throw away from the riverbank. We found this little city-owned campground to be a delight. Not only were the rates dirt cheap (just $27 a night), but the campsites were nicely spaced, the cell service was pristine, and the camp hosts were adequately hospitable – helpful, but not overbearing.

Upon arrival the hosts alerted us to the walking path that hugged the banks of the river. This turned out to be where we spent most of our free time during our two days in Heyburn. Each evening and every day during lunch we would take a stroll along the wildflower-lined path down to the river.

Although the path had a good amount of traffic, the city did a great job of maintaining it. The path was garbage-free and featured several small attractions like this fun covered bridge.

We found Heyburn to be a great little city – truly quintessential small-town America. Nobody seemed to be in a rush and everyone we encountered was overly nice. Although we quite enjoyed our two days in Heyburn, we decided that we wouldn’t have wanted to spend a full week there. Besides the river, there just wasn’t much to the area other than farming. However, if we were ever passing through the area again and needed a place to stop, Heyburn Riverside RV Park would definitely be on our shortlist.

We couldn’t believe it, but it was time for us to head to Glenns Ferry, Idaho – the last stop before hitting Boise, the first major waypoint along our big trip.