Tallahassee, Florida

Coe Landing Campground

March 5, 2022

The four-hour trip from Crescent City to Tallahassee saw us heading back West and marked the last stop along our Florida winter adventure. It was time for spring, baby!

Although this stop is labeled under Tallahassee, we never actually made it into town, instead spending the entire week around our campground – the Coe Landing County Park located on the shores of Lake Talquin, about five miles West of the city. This park was like many of the Army Corp of Engineers campgrounds that we have stayed at in the past – great location and amazing views but lacking in amenities and hookups (no sewer).

Besides the great views from our campsite, there really wasn’t much else that was noteworthy about this RV park besides a few chickens and roosters which acted like they owned the place and would fearlessly stroll through sites – something Charlotte quite enjoyed watching.

By far the most memorable thing about this stop was our encounter with a runaway brain surgery patient – or so he claimed. It all started when I was lounging in our reclining lawn chair soaking up some of that early spring Florida sun when a taxi pulled up to our site and a man in full hospital garb (booties, head bandages, and all) stepped out of the car. He approached me and asked where the camp host was located. Slack-jawed, I pointed up the road and off he marched.

Apparently, the host wasn’t home, and he spent the next hour or so wandering around the park ominously. Eventually, the host showed up and from our vantage point, it looked like he wasn’t exactly pleased that the man was wandering around the park – a hunch which was validated when the sheriff’s department appeared on the scene a few minutes later.

We thought that the appearance of the officers surely meant that this saga was coming to an end. However, to our shock, the deputies drove off and left the man after talking with him for about 20 minutes! Apparently, whatever they said to him had some impact as he spent the rest of the afternoon limited to a picnic pavilion away from the campsites before an SUV showed up a few hours after the deputies and whisked him away…

We had so many unanswered questions from this whole situation, but I guess it’s just one of those things that we will have to just speculate on for the rest of our days.

Tune in next time when we make our way back West along the Gulf Coast, this time to Mobile, Alabama!