Davenport, Iowa

Bald Eagle Campground

May 8, 2022

Although the trip to Greg Judy’s farm was our main reason for being in the area, we figured that we should see some of Sam’s family while we were in this part of the country. The first family on the docket was Sam’s grandmother and her husband, Jim, who live in Le Claire, Iowa – a suburb of nearby Davenport, where we would be staying in the camper.

The trek up to Davenport was a doable four-hour drive along the west bank of the Mississippi. At this point, my gout was still giving me trouble, but it was nothing like it was earlier in the week. Let’s just say, at least I could operate the pedals – something that was out of the question just a few days earlier.

While in Davenport, we stayed at the Bald Eagle Campground which is part of the Scott County parks system. In our travels, we have learned that city and county campgrounds are some of the most underrated RV parks out there, and this one was no exception. Between the full hookups, large sites, walking trails, nice staff, and reasonable price, we basically had nothing to complain about when it comes to this campground.

Although I had met Sam’s grandparents several times before, this was my first time visiting them at their house in Le Claire, a lovely home less than a mile from the beautiful northern Mississippi. We had a great time catching up and gathering for dinner each evening. Plus, we were thrilled to break the big news to grandma in person. She was so excited to learn that she was going to be a great-grandmother!

While we were in town, Grandma also treated us to a tour of downtown Le Claire – showing us where she worked volunteering at the local museum, some of her favorite restaurants, and all the other attractions which lined the river.

Although we wished that we could have stayed longer, it was time for us to skedaddle once more as we had more family to see – this time Sam’s aunt Co and uncle Bernie. Tune in next time when we recount our trip to Decorah, Iowa – a beautiful small town in a scenic part of Iowa that I never knew existed!